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Who are we? 

We are the future of the energy industry, and the future starts now!

Thrunnel’s solution could be the turning point for energy revolution

Prof. Aimo Niskanen

Our achievement fulfills the industry's

century-old aspiration to convert gas to liquid in a single step under

ambient conditions

We are Thrunnel: What we achieved is not a miracle, but seems like one!

After reading our bio-sketches below, you might be wondering how medical scientists would solve a century-standing problem in the energy/chemistry industry.   Medicine, chemistry and physics can sometimes collide and when they do, they change the world.    The light bulb was invented by Dr. Henry Woodward (U.S. Patent 181,613), who was a medical student at the time, in 1874, before he sold it to Thomas Edison.   X-ray started as a medical imaging technology, then made its way to non-medical applications, including security industry; quality assurance for electric components; car industry; food industry, agriculture, archeology, etc.   Borrowing technology and solutions from other industries can oftentimes be the best way to unearth new discoveries.  Sometimes, it takes an insightful outsider to see a solution hidden from insiders.  We have invented a function-oriented artificial catalytic system, which happens to solve one of the most persistent problems in the energy/chemical industry, which the industry has been trying to solve for >100 years.  Our invention is an example of cross-industry innovation.   By definition, a revolutionary technology is not well known…But at some point down the road, a truly revolutionary technology should lead to the creation of whole industries around it.

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