The Potential Ahead For Thrunnel Technology

› The globally patented Thrunnel zero-emission energy storage system will do for the energy supply chain          what refrigeration did to our food supply chain! 

› Electricity is meant to be used or lost!  Batteries can store electricity – but only temporarily and with ~70%        conversion loss!  Thrunnel converts electricity to liquid methanol with theoretical efficiency of 86%.  You            can  think of Thrunnel methanol as liquid electricity!

› It stores the otherwise non-storable or hard-to-store energy carriers (namely, natural methane, biomethane     and electricity) into hydrogen-rich liquids (namely, methanol and ethanol).  You can think of Thrunnel                 methanol as chemically liquefied hydrogen. 

› Thrunnel introduces its methanol, produced at a fraction of the current cost, as the new hydrogen!                    Methanol (at ambient conditions) has more hydrogen than liquid hydrogen (at -253 °C) on a weight-per-            volume basis (99g/L vs 71g/L).   If methanol has more hydrogen than hydrogen itself, on a weight-per-              volume basis, then think of methanol as the new hydrogen, which is the most energy intensive element in       the whole universe.

› Thrunnel technology would allow cars to be easily fueled by methanol or ethanol at existing infrastructure,        but run on hydrogen produced on-site/ on-demand.  That will put the otherwise out-of-reach hydrogen              economy into action!