Billions of dollars have been spent on “clean” energy projects.  Nevertheless, we got slammed for the inefficiency of "clean" energy and its failures around the planet with trillions in debt and resultant energy poverty.  So, the human race is forced to use “dirty energy sources, with much higher efficiency than "clean energy sources", but in the process, tremendous negative impacts are felt on the water, air, land, natural environment, and our own health.  Energy is the most important resource for humanity; it is the basis of life itself.  So, it is counterproductive to destroy lives while in the process of producing energy!   

The potential  is nearly infinite for a technology, such as ours,  that not only turns a dirty energy source into a clean energy source, but also makes it much more cost-effective!

value addition to      petrochemical industry     

can be made by       

Thrunnel technology tragets a century-old supply demand gap in the energy/natural gas industry

The direct step slashes the cost by at least 60%

Thrunnel technology allows for a single step

direct conversion under ambient conditions

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